Our Sunday Night Services are a little bit different here at New Covenant. Instead of having a regular church service, we have small groups which meet in the homes of our members. We call these our community groups. These are the community group classes we have to choose from this cycle.

1. The First Epistle of John Led by Matt Colvin Meeting at The Church

2. I am "N": Inspiring Stories of Persecuted Christians Led by David Porch Meeting at The Sims'

3. Habakkuk: Living by Faith in Uncertain Times Led by Mark Gilliland and Mark Coy Meeting at The Fields'

4. The Whole Church Speaks of Jesus Led by Kevin Parnell Meeting at The Parnell's

5. Learning to Think! Asking the Big Questions of Life Led by Brad Williams Meeting at the Townsend's

Our mission and passion at New Covenant Baptist Church is to glorify God by becoming a community that  fosters the love of God
with all of the heart, soul, mind and strength, and by learning to love one another as Christ Jesus has loved us.
The answer to every heart's need and the satisfaction of all our longing is found in Jesus Christ our Lord, who is Himself, the very image of Almighty God. We exist to adore Him, and to spread the knowledge of His greatness to the ends of the earth.


Contact the church office :  (256) 849 2454